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Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks

Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks.

If you get nervous about Mercury going retrograde, get over it.
Mercury goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year for 3 weeks at a time. Use Mercury retrograde to surrender to magic, letting go of your pre-conceived notions of how things should go and at what timing and all of that. Mercury retrograde will bring all kinds of glitches into your lfie, specifically in the realms of communication and your thinking style, and if you take it all too seriously, the joke will be on you. Mercury is quite the jokester, and in Sagittarius, the sign of the jester, you can bet there will be all kinds of things that could potentially drive you mad – if you let them.

If your computer turns off in the middle of something you think is important -it’s not. Walk away from it. Take a walk or a nap instead. If the phone cuts off in the middle of a conversation be thankful the call ended before you got bored. If you show up to an appointment and the other person doesn’t show – YAY! You have an hour to do whatever you want!

To help keep your mind focused amidst the inevitable chaos of Mercury retrograde use green fluorite. Place it above your head on the pillow as you sleeep or do like I do: wear it tucked into your clothing close to your body. It loves that. And so will you.
Fluorite in waterGreen fluorite, named Linnaea Bailey. If you were at the 11.11 event this is the same crystal I pulled out of my bra (I know, I’m too outrageous for words sometimes) you might remember that this crystal is now much brighter, darker green, and full of new crystal growth inside of it. You can come to your own conclusions about this but the truth is the truth.

New Moon in Sagittarius, Solar Eclipse: 24-25 November 2011

Even though the Sun is already in Sagittarius,
Ms. Moon has been hanging out in the dark caves of Scorpio, digging up all kinds of emotional crap, slinging it towards you. Before 7am this morning (Wednesday) I had an emotional 2×4  thrown at my heart and I wasn’t awake enough (even though I had already been to the grocery store by then) to dodge it so I just took it straight on. Needless to say, it was quite an emotional day for me but with some good talking out with a trusted friend and a little treatment with as VOGEL crystal (I will be telling you WAY more about this in newsletters to come) I busted through it and now feel clear, light, and ready to cook!

Let’s look at this NEW MOON Solar eclipse and see what we can glean from its presence in our lives this Thanksgiving day. The NEW MOON kicks in at 9pmish mountain time so probably you’ll be chowing down when the Moon is still in Scorpio. I think it’s going to be an emotionally charged day, though that doesn’t have to be so bad, if you like that sort of thing. Personally I despise that sort of thing but it is what it is and I will use the circumstances to stay open for opportunities to do even deeper healing on myself. That what LIFE looks like when you have the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 8th house – always an opportunity to do some more healing. Nothing but fun there.

An eclipse is a re-set time and since this eclipse falls in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius, the re-set is about the BIG PICTURE – your PERSONAL BIG VISION, and the planet’s evolutionary journey to its own ascension. In other words, THINK BIG.
New Moon times are your monthly opportunity to set your intentions afresh. With the Jupiter influence, set those intentions with hope, optimism, and the KNOWINGNESS that whatever you focus on you will, indeed, create. So set your intentions with care.
This NEW MOON is also a SUPERMOON, the 6th and final for now. Expect rumblings of large proportions, as is to be expected with the SUPERMOON influence.

Venus, Mercury, and the North Node join the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius, encouraging you even more, to look to the biggest vision of your heart. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t go for your dreams – they’re yours. so GO FOR THEM with gusto!

To harness the energy of Sagittarius you want to use Jupiter crystals: Citrine is great..
Yellow sapphire is divine.
Citrine in John's hand
Citrine – yummy!

Yellow sapphireYellow Sapphire – too gorgeous for words!

Place the crystal on your hip/thigh area or directly onto your lower abdomen.
Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, helping you to get to ACTION to manifest the abundance and BIG VISION you hold for your LIFE.

Full Moon in Taurus: Opening the portal to the 11.11.11 One-heart consciousness

Full Moon in Taurus
10 November 2011
Illuminating the Gateway to 11.11.11
Lemurian Seed Crystals: encoded for LOVE

This is your Full Moon newsletter for the FULL MOON in Taurus, leading up to the 11.11.11 portal in consciousness.

It’s exactly what we have all been asking for – the wake-up call to bring forth Divine consciousness into our human experience. It’s the return of LOVE the likes of which we have not yet experienced but have wanted to since long before we incarnated into our present bodies.

Keep tuned for a precious book that I will be making available to you on KINDLE and as an e-book next week called A Time for LOVE. A Time for LOVE is the most powerful little book I have come across in about as far back as I can remember. Cadence Deerheart has channeled this information and it will blow your heart wide open, this I can promise you. You will want to read it again and again and pass it on to everybody you know.

More coming on A Time for LOVE!

This Full Moon is clearly potentized by its proximity to 11.11.11.
The Scorpio Sun – Taurus Moon axis asks you to look deeply at your own desires. What do you desire and what motivates you to actualize those desires? Are you run by your desires? Are your desires leading you to satisfaction and fulfillment or do they lead you to yet more desires?

Scorpio says GO DEEPLY inward to engage with your shadow. Have a rendez-vous with your shadow. Plan a tea date. Prepare for an intimate discussion. In the shadow lie the keys to your desire nature. Everything that you keep hidden away, the lies you tell yourself (“I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve to have what I need” and other crap like that) will ultimately control you. The goal for your own personal evolution is to get into the driver’s seat of your own life. Believe me, if you do not know your shadow self, the shadow will be driving and you’ll be on the crazy train to who knows where. And that’s a ride you really don’t want to be on. But many of us are.

GOETHITE is an excellent crystal to use to access your shadow. This is a powerful crystal.  Use it with clear intention.
LOVELY…and powerful

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and Pluto is all about POWER.
Where does your power lie?
Do you own and claim your power?
Or are you giving your power away? To another? To desire?
Are you willing to let die what is no longer needed in order to birth yourself anew, fully empowered in your own right?

Goethe, for whom this crystal was named, in his poem The Holy Longing writes:

“So long as you haven’t experienced this – to die and so to grow-

You are only a troubled guest on the dark earth.”

Balance this Plutonian energy with the Venus-ruled vibration of Taurus. In Taurus you’re delving heavily into the sensual pleasures of being in a human body, infused as it is with LOVE.
Taurus asks you to look at your relationship with what you own and how your values resonate (or don’t) with those relationships. Taurus reminds you to ground into the physical and connect with the Earth as you are an inhabitant of Earth and thrive when you live and love in harmony with her.
Use the beautiful Rose Quartz to connect with the heart energy of Taurus.

TRY this:

Place the GOETHITE crystal on your 2nd chakra, just a few inches below your belly button. Place your left hand on the GOETHITE.
Place the ROSE QUARTZ on your heart and cover with your right hand.
Now get quiet. I mean REALLY quiet. Unplug the phone. Unplug from distractions.
Allow yourself to rest as the crystal, powerful transmitters of energy, do their magic.
As you fully relax and let your busy mind take a much needed breather your own diving guidance, your higher self, will start talking to you.
Use the powerful illumination of the Divine Feminine lunar light to show you exactly what needs to be released, to die, in order for you to be fully and most lovingly YOU.
This is the gift of the Full Moon in Taurus at this most potent time in our planet’s evolution.
Any healing you do on yourself heals and uplifts the planet.
Thank you for showing up and doing your work!
Your gifts are needed.
YOU are needed.
And you are needed as fully empowered as you can possibly be.

It’s so important to release unconscious patterns that keep you in any way separate from LOVE. That is the purpose of receiving energetic healing – to disconnect circuits that are downloading you with information that keeps you separate from LOVE and connecting you directly to LOVE, the source of all JOY, the source of LIFE.
To learn more about energy healing visit John’s new website
Click on HEALING SERVICES. Scroll on down that page and check out our powerful collaborative work. Astrology is such a potent tool for identifying barriers to full empowerment, barriers that keeping you from making conscious choices for own life. I do the identifying of your unique patterns, John does the healing.
I think we are quite a team and I invite you to check out our work!



New Moon in Scorpio: Setting the stage for 11.11.11

These are amazing times on the planet, no doubt about it. I have been here many times before (haven’t we all?) and I can honestly say I can never remember a time as exciting as these times. There have been times on the planet where major paradigm shifts occurred (like when it was realized the Earth is not flat or when we realized the earth orbited around a central star) but this time in our evolution a revolution in CONSCIOUSNESS is occurring as never before.

We are entering a portal in consciousness -perched and ready – to move to a new level of awareness and TRUST. New vibrations of LOVE are colliding and merging in their excitement to reach us here on Earth.

Why now? Because so many of us have asked for this heart-opening, heart-expanding experience of LOVE. We have asked and it is here. Many hearts are igniting with LOVE through the experience of sharing JOY, of being and living JOY.

As we gather in places all over the earth to welcome these new vibrations of LOVE we join in JOY and ignite ourselves and our planet with LOVE. I’m not even sure this is LOVE that we can understand until we experience it. I feel like I have had a taste of it – its feels like ecstatic joy radiating through my calm and fully relaxed body. I want more!

The SCORPIO NEW MOON, ruled by Pluto, invites you to go deep inside yourself to root out any beliefs or patterns of repetitive thought that keeps you in any way separate from LOVE. Sounds simple enough, but these imprints can be pretty hardwired. So how to do this rewiring to receive the new vibrations of LOVE?

Crystals, powerful transmitter of energy (crystals are used in your computer and in your cell phones as transmitters), can be used to help you cleanse separating thought forms and to harness the new energies of LOVE, healing the body of dis-ease and negative self-labeling.

These are Lemurian Seed Crystals, powerful transmitters of LOVE, encoded as they are with the connecting and igniting energy of LOVE. See the horizontal lines on these crystals? These are the encoded areas. When you hold these crystals in your hands you can actually FEEL LOVE emanating from them.

The emotional intensity of this New Moon is heightened by it being the fifth of six SUPERMOONS. Scorpio intensifies emotional responses anyway but the SUPERMOON quality of this lunation adds to the the intensity. Use the powerful energy of the NEW MOON in Scorpio to shed and cast away all unnecessary limitations to you being able to move forward to what is most real and true for you.
Scorpio says look to the shadow, look to what is buried in the unconscious, and there you will find what needs to be released. As you release judgments and distorted perceptions of SELF you move towards true personal regeneration and renewal, the promise of Scorpio.

This New Moon sees Jupiter opposing the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter expands all things, allowing for deeper and wider investigation of your own shadow side. Scorpio also asks you to look at your own desire nature. Jupiter’s involvement expands your awareness of your own desires. Are you ruled by your desires? Do you allow yourself to be fulfilled?

Jupiter trines Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) supporting reform and refashioning of belief systems. Clear that crap out and move on to what really works for you!

Pluto sextiles the Sun and Moon, semi-squares Mercury and Venus, and squares Uranus. Release! Transform! Release again! Transform again!

Powerful times require some powerful showing up.
Show up to receive the NEW energies of LOVE coming towards us and
experience our world anew, you in your individual way, me in mine, we together in our ever-evolving consciousness.

11:11 Gathering in Boulder with Cindy Morris, John Corsa, and Lee Cook

Celebrate and welcome the Transformational Energies of 11/11/11
Cindy Morris, Priestess Astrologer
Lee Cook, Angel and channeler of the Angelic Realm
John Corsa
Inuitive healer, crystologist, and dancer extraordinaire

Greetings friends!

I am THRILLED and delighted to invite you to two
11:11 events
that I will be co-facilitating with
Angel channeler Lee Cook and the amazing John Corsa.

I will be sharing a bit about the cosmos and how the planetary influences are impacting us these amazing days of transition and paradigm shift.

Why are all my best pictures have me sporting sunglasses?!

Lee Cook will be channeling from the Angelic realm.
Lee is an internationally acclaimed psychic and I can promise you that
you will be hanging on her every word.
Here’s lovely Lee

And you absolutely do not want to miss a healing meditation in the Crystal Grid led by the divine John Corsa.
You might never be the same after this – and who wants to be?
It’s THE time of change – for the better!

We will be offering a morning event at 11:11am
and an evening event, from 7pm to 9ish
both on Friday 11/11

You can come to one or both events!

The cost for each is just $11.
Cash only, please.

Both events  will be happening at Alchemy of Movement on
30th street in Boulder,  across 30th from Vitamin Cottage.
You don’t have to RSVP to that.
Bring a pillow to sit on and bring your friends!
The more, the way merrier!

I can’t guarantee exactly what will happen but I can assure you it will be miraculous and heart-opening.
And really, can you ask for a better time than that?

Come join us for the magic!
It just won’t be the same if you’re not there!

Endless starry blessings to you from all of us.
Move with joy, ignite LOVE in your heart.
You are LOVE and you will ALWAYS return back to LOVE.

Cindy, Lee, and John
collaborators in bringing LOVE to you.

New Moon in Libra: Get your Shiva Lingams out!

You probably are familiar with the scales and JUSTICE as the symbols associated with Libra. Balance. Fairness. Harmony. The relationship between people, between ideas, between concepts, and the striving toward harmony and balance between those things. We think of LIBRA as a relationship sign and yet it is of utmost importance to have a strong sense of oneself in order to be in relationship in a way that feels really good.

Lee, Susan, and me

Be with friends who LOVE you just the way you are!
Here I am with treasured friends, Lee Cook and Susan Oliver,  with whom I join in celebratory rituals to honor one another, as I encourage you to do too with those who love and support you unconditionally.

Join psychic intuitive Lee Cook,  crystal healer John Corsa, and myself for a rockin’  11/11 ritual and celebration! Watch for upcoming announcements for more details on this not-to-be-missed gathering -made even better if you could join us!
What I have come to realize, and really FEEL in the very core of myself, is that the most important relationship I will ever have is the one I have with myself and that relationship needs to be anchored in SELF-LOVE.
I have come across some exquisite channeled writings lately (way more on these to come) and, in light of it being the LIBRA NEW MOON, and thinking about relationship and specifically my relationship with myself, I feel compelled to share this beautiful message about SELF=LOVE with you:
“When an individual feels resistant to seeing LOVE she has less than the desired amount of SELF-LOVE.
Care for yourself. Have celebrations. Create love-filled rituals.
Hold PEACE in your heart. Gaze upon your reflection and send LOVE energy back toward yourself,
igniting SELF-LOVE.
Cultivate and nurture SELF-LOVE so as to ignite and receive more LOVE.”


Do some intentional New MOON ritual this New Moon in Libra. Libra, ruled by LOVE PLANET Venus, adores beautiful things. Have some lovely flowers by your bed. Take a walk by a stream. Give someone a LOVE call. Leave them a message so heartfelt and real they will have to run for the tissues.  Call yourself and leave yourself the same message. Be in and FEEL your heart. Ignite JOY. Ignite LOVE in your heart. Report back how much LOVE is coming right back at you. Use this potent time of LIBRA, the LOVE sign, to cultivate, nurture, and welcome more LOVE in your life.
To activate the LIBRA LOVE energy get a hold of some SHIVA LINGAMS.
Shiva lingams are tossed to smoothness in the Narmada River in India. The element of water in Astrology is the EMOTIONAL realm. As you use the SHIVA lingams to balance your vibrational energies see the waters of emotion washing over you – protecting, healing, and bringing you back into natural internal balance.

Here are some lovely Shiva lingams. They come in many sizes, from small and super affordable to monster massive. Any size will do. Just hold the intention of their properties and you will feel their magic working on you.
Shiva lingams balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine inside you. This is EXACTLY the vibration of the LIBRA NEW MOON that you want to be calling in to you – balance between the masculine/feminine aspects of yourself, in complete LOVE and acceptance of your divine self – unique and magically amazing in your own individuality- none exactly like you anywhere else in the universe -TRUE!

How to use the Shiva lingams:
You can hold the Shiva lingam right to your forehead like John is doing with a crystal here:

You can place Shiva lingams on the pillow above your head
or down by your feet as you sleep, allowing the healing to happen while you’re off in Dreamland. Sleep with Shiva lingams and awaken refreshed, rebalanced. Don’t forget to set the intention for balance and healing. Setting intention is a crucial part of healing, aligning your thoughts with action.
Who else in the cosmos is involved with this New MOON? Actually it’s quite a line-up in LIBRA with the Sun, Ms. Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all clustered in LIBRA, working  on harmonizing and balancing their own energies in the air sign of Libra. Libra reminds you to SPEAK the TRUTH, work for JUSTICE and FAIRNESS, and strive for balance in all your affairs.

This NEW MOON is the 4th of 6 SUPERMOONS. EXPECT more BIG weather and global events that rock and roll us into our new vibration. Watch your own personal, emotional weather, and don’t be surprised if that is fairly turbulent as well. No matter what the internal or external weather remember to cultivate SELF-LOVE, igniting JOY and LOVE in your precious heart. This ignition of LOVE will serve you well through all the inevitable changes that accompany a paradigm shift the likes of which we have never witnessed in our lifetimes but are in the midst of right this very moment.

And, as if that weren’t just about enough, Mercury in close conjunction with the Sun and Moon form a gathering of energies that are in opposition to the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. This is a POWERFULLY dynamic T-square that demands nothing less than thinking entirely outside the box, forcing the release of all that no longer fits and no longer works.
We can certainly see this playing out in the big global arena.
Where does this play out in your own chart?
Let’s find out!
Schedule your Astrology session today!

Crystal healing with John Corsa

As you might or might not know I have been on a committed healing path for some 30 odd (and I mean odd!) years. If you saw my astrology chart (maybe another time – I don’t know if you’re ready for it) you would totally understand why. Part of my soul mission is to tell the impeccable truth and, as part of that, release and neutralize the trauma I took on from the lies imparted on me by my family, lies that were told to them by their families and on and on back to the beginning of time. In order to live in the highest truth for myself I have had to commit to busting the lies. If you don’t commit to busting your own lies it’s endlessly challenging to be successful in business and the business of life.

Here are some of the lies (you might recognize some or all of them from the dominant cultural paradigm):

I’m not good enough.
I need to be quiet and not be seen or heard (good luck with that!)
Boys are more important than girls.
Girls turn into women who do the housework, shopping, cooking AND go to work.
What I have to say and contribute is of no value
I am a clutz
I am to blame for my parents’ problems
Be afraid of everything and everyone except the family

And this is just the start.
When I moved to Boulder way back when I began my journey to be free of others’ people ideas and beliefs of who I could and could not be.
What a journey it has been.
And continues to be.

I appreciate all the different modalities I have tried over the years and the many fine healers I have worked with who gave so completely of their time and expertise. What I have come to at last is that talkie therapy is great for diagnosing but is of very little use in actually fixing the problem. As I see it the only way to shift ingrained patterns is through more and more refined
energy healing work. Deep healing is an unfolding process and the deeper you go the deeper you release. And of course, you have to ask God for the healing. Then the healers appear. At least this is how it has worked in my life.

I love crystals (what’s not to love? so gorgeous!) but until yesterday I had never experienced a crystal healing.

Through the miraculous law of attraction and much prayer to call in the right healers for me John Corsa has shown up in my life with his healing work as a crystal healer.
I know, he looks like an angel. He probably is. And aren’t we all angels for one another? Some of us just look more like what we would expect angels in human form to look like. This one certainly does.

All I can say is that the crystal healing was truly divine. I felt like I was bathed in Universal love and acceptance.  During the crystal healing John is directed by GUIDANCE to actually a place crystals directly on to my body. With the utmost gentleness he then held my hand and touched my arm.
It was a completely non-intrusive and safe experience on every level.

Thoughts (lies) seem to just melt away. I felt happy, content, and satiated.
Today a miraculous thing happened and that was that I could move my body in a way that I never have been able. Parts that have felt like cement blocks started to loosen and move. Miraculous! And I continue to feel peaceful and at home in my body (which is new to me!).

So that’s what I have been up to this week of my birthday. I can think of nothing I’d rather have for my birthday than peace in my heart and to feel at home in my body. From that it feels like all can flow. Happy Birthday to me!

For those of you local I can only say YOU MUST HAVE A SESSION with JOHN. In these critical times of transformation and change we have to help each other with the ascension process. The vibration of the crystals is so pure and so high the work is done in such a way that you just KNOW that all is well and only getting better!

We each NEED to do our healing and align with our divine purpose. YOU ARE NEEDED right here, right now

Watch for NEW shows coming this fall.

I actually will be interviewing both John and his mom Ava (on two different shows) to chat about their amazing work.

Full Buck Moon: 14-15 July 2011

Full Buck Moon: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn 14-15 July 2011

A baby buck in my yard

In the funny movie Bridesmaids (which I saw twice for the giggle factor) they revive the Wilson-Phillips song “Hold on for One More Day”. That’s pretty much how I feel these days. The tsunami of profound paradigm shift and physical manifestation is happening. The water has receded from the harbor. The shift is occurring and the water is getting ready to rush right in. But it is not here quite yet. Not just yet. Not quite. Hold on for one more day.

The eclipses brought huge rains to my neck of the woods, unprecedented for this high desert area. Mushrooms are fighting it out with weeds for space in the lawn. The creek path that I walk my dogs along is closed and flooded. Boulder looks like Seattle, except for the boats. And there is not one single thing for me to do but SURRENDER! I mean really, the weather is the one thing we all agree we cannot fight.

Fairy ring of mushrooms

The FULL MOON in Capricorn (Sun in Cancer) falls on the 14th and 15th of July. Think of this full moon lunation as the beginning of the manifestation of the shifts set in motion by the 3 eclipses just past. What did you set in motion? What parts can be let go of, released, to better facilitate your journey, lighten your load while enlightening the road you’re on right herem right now.


Yesterday I watched a couple, obviously traveling in their car, removing every single thing in that car, placing those things in the parking lot. Then they looked through everything, tossing some things, rearranging some other things, and repacking the car. This is EXACTLY what we are all doing on some level in our own lives: looking at what we’ve got, tossing some things, reorganizing and rearranging, and repacking for the next leg of the journey.

The teddy bear will DEFINITELY be making the trip!


The Full Moon Cancer-Capricorn axis asks you to address issues of security.

From where do you get your feelings of safety and security? Do you depend on external situations, places, and people to determine how secure you feel in the world, in your skin? Have you made the shift -or maybe you’ve always been there- to finding security inside, through the direct connection with divine source energy?

Divine source energy never goes away, ever. You may disconnect from the Source but Source is always there, available for connection with you. Sometimes it becomes a moment-to-moment process of reconnecting, reconnecting, and then reconnecting again. You have to keep practicing until the connection becomes the norm and the disconnection is the exception!

Take some moments this FULL MOON to review the status of your sense of security. When you are willing to let go of  that which  does not support you feeling good and being in the joy of the moment?  Tall order, I know. But more and more, I see this is the only sane choice.


New IMF head, Christine LaGarde, says testosterone is not great for decision-making

I burst out laughing as I listened to the wonderful news that not only do we have a woman heading the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but, in an interview with  journalist Christiane Amanpour that testosterone turns out not to be so helpful for decision-making. She said that men tend to make decisions with way too much ego involved with disastrous results (I added that part). Women inject less libido so we don’t project our ego when cutting a deal. I would also add that since men are distinctly uni-taskers they often can often miss the big picture while shooting at the target right in front of their face, which, more often than not, does not requiring shooting at all.

I am also thinking of how too many men (testosterone and egos out of control) tend to bring their sexuality into the decision-making part of their work world, thinking of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the departed-in-disgrace last head of the IMF, whose departure mercifully opened the door for LaGarde.  Here in America we have our own disgraced leaders leaving posts of huge responsibility – the latest being Anthony Weiner and his body part tweets. What part of  “everything that goes on the internet is available to everyone” do these people not understand? Or worse-  they DO understand and WANT to be seen by everyone in the Universe for all their sexual peccadillos! That’s infinitely more creepy. And what IS this obsessive-compulsive externalization of sexuality anyway? Can’t men keep their neurotic sexual behavior in the privacy of their own minds where they belong?

Christine LaGarde
Born January 1, 1956.   Sun Sign Capricorn, Moon sign Aries, year of the Fire Monkey.

Of astrological interest is that both Michelle Obama and Kate the new British royal are also Capricorns. We know that Pluto is transiting Capricorn and when Pluto transits the Sun nothing but HUGE transformation is inevitable. All three of these women represent a new paradigm of leadership and involvement in world affairs. I, for one, am deliriously happy about the rise of Capricorn women into positions of power, which is exactly where they should be -heralding the paradigm shift to a more woman-centered, woman-led consciousness of inclusion, awareness of the needs of the whole, and some serious level-headed decision-making.

All of a sudden I can sleep just a little bit better.


Here’s the Amanpour/LaGarde interviews:

Christiane Amanpour interviews Christine LaGarde

LaGarde’s Capricorn personality of reason, responsibility, and the voice of sanity SHINES through in this interview!
It”s worth watching.

Upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse: what to do? Reprogram yourself for joy!


A super powerful opportunity for consciousness shift occurs this Friday, July 1st as we have the third of three eclipses occurring: the New Moon Solar eclipse in Cancer. This New Moon Solar eclipse is part of a loose GRAND SQUARE in cardinal signs. Sun and Moon at 9 degrees Cancer. Pluto opposing at 6 degrees Capricorn. Uranus squaring at 4 degrees Aries. Saturn squaring at 10 degrees Libra.

During these shifts on the planet it is imperative that you do not focus on what’s happening on the planet that you have no control over and focus ENTIRELY on the best case scenario/turnout for yourself personally and the Earth globally.

The shifts are already occurring (clearly) and you are needed as part of the evolution in consciousness to make the transition
of the Earth’s ascension.The more you dwell in doom and gloom the less access you have to your creativity. You NEED your creativity to actively re-program your brain (your brain is the computer, your mind is the programmer) to the next level of evolving consciousness. In other words… if you are not pleased, thrilled, and delighted with your present reality YOU need to reprogram and re-align yourself with what you DO want your life to look like.

Believe it or not, your life looks the way it does because of your programming. Change the programming and you change your life. Be AWARE of what thoughts and images you are feeding your brain. Upgrade your thoughts to thoughts that feel deliciously GOOD to you and you upgrade the programming and hence your experience.

Try it, practice it, and notice FOR YOURSELF, the power of doing your own internal work.
Whatever you feed your brain it will use.
Feed it fear and lack and general crap and that is what you will experience.
Feed it joy, delight, possibility,and hope for the future and that is what  you will experience.
Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself!